Monday, May 4, 2015


Me rocking Double-denim!

It's almost mid of 2015!!! So what's the fashion of the year? We are again at that point of the seasons when fashionistas around the world try to figure out what is the next big thing in fashion industry and what are the new 2015 fashion trends for woman. 2015 is all about new innovations from big fashion labels, which will be a lot more interesting than 2014. The logic behind it is that fashion industry is always evolving and changing all the time. What is new today might seen as old and expired tomorrow. 

Due to respond and increased in demands, fashion world is introducing new looks and collections almost every day, that’s another great news for fashion lovers out there. With the help of social media fashion trends and news spread quickly than ever. Even fashion designers are taking advantage of this new technology to promote their latest fashion collection further through social media. So let’s see what 2015 most wearable fashion trends, shall we? 


70’s trend is now coming back in full force! Expect to see laid back flowing hippy prints and disco-queen style of clothing taking over the runaways for this season. Stand out from the crowd with this style of inspiration from Studio54!

Pic source from internet.


 Wear it with pride; try to mix and match shades and shapes to create diversity within the denim circle. Pairing it with a sexy pair of heels can keep that touch of femininity on the overall look.

Pic source from internet.

Super Nature 

Get inspired by nature for a fresher look with loose draped chiffons and floral printed silks. Wear with a pair of nude strappy sandals to complete the whole look. 

Pic source from internet.

Till then, happy long holiday! XOXO

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