Tuesday, May 19, 2015

SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream Review

Hi, lovelies! SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream is a new product available in the market for only around 3 weeks plus. It's the latest women's revolution product using the latest technology, which combines makeup, moisturiser, high SPF UV protection, whitening and cooling all in one product. Gotta admit, when I'm first approached to review SyaLaa BB Cushion cream, I am a little skeptical. But upon checking out the product, perhaps it's worth trying out. After all, aren't we suppose to support our local products. :)

With 10 types of natural ingredients like rose extract, chamomile, Jasminum Officinale, Narcissus, Freesia Refracta Extract, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Squalene, Centella Asiatica and Lilium Candidum or better known as Madonna Lily it helps to hydrate while providing special treatment for dry and sensitive skin as well to balance up moisture on the skin. Now, can you imagine the flowery scent? 😁

To begin, my nude face. 😝

I was sent a trial size sample of Pore Silky Balm too. Apply a thin layer over face as primer before application of SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream. If you don't know, primer is important as it helps makeup lasts longer and it's easier to blend too. 

SyaLaa BB cushion cream comes in a compact form for easy application. 

Usage direction.

Just dab the cream with the puff provided. I love the cooling sensation when applying. 

Half face done. Can you spot the differences? Superb coverage rite!

Nah..... close up.

Full face done.

Side by side comparison. What do you think? :)

SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream SPF50++PA++++ retails at RM129.90 come with a free refill & SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm Sample. (While stocks last)

My verdict :

Pro : Great coverage for even and flawless complexion.  I love it's instant cooling sensation and light flower scent too. I don't experience oiliness despite its high SPF50PA++PA++++ 
This is a plus point for me as I usually have an oily T-Zone problem with high SPF. So if you have oily skin problems too, be sure to check this out! 

Con : The whitening effect could be a little too dramatic, especially for those with darker skin tone. 

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