Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kanbe Ramen @ Empire Damansara, Petaling Jaya (Non halal)

Konnichiwa.... For the month of May 2015, Kanbe Ramen Restaurant at Empire Damansara is having Double Gyoza set promotion. Be sure to check it out, as for only RM20.00 per set, you'll get a plate of 10 pieces of gyoza, a bowl of Japanese rice and a bowl of soup  (spicy/non-spicy). 

I find the gyoza rather overwhelming with greens though.

We also tried their Signature ramen. Noodles are made fresh daily here, using the finest flour. The signature soup made of vegetable and chicken-broth based soup are simmered for 7 hours to fully draw out its flavours, resulting in a full-bodied soup.

Entice your taste buds with their custom made soy sauce which will bring out the best of the ramen. The soy sauce are blended from several types of Japan's finest soy sauces combined with high-quality kombu kelp from Hokkaido to create one-of-a kind sauce.

Reimen/Cold Ramen RM21.00
Ramen noodles with light & cold sauce 
Surprisingly, I enjoyed this version of ramen most. 

Never fancy cold dishes, but this plate of ramen certainly prove me wrong. With vinegar added, it's appetizing and I love the ramen texture.  Springy and not too hard or soft! The Karashi paste is way too pungent though.

Charsiu Ramen RM21
Generous charsiu make this one of must order. Clear soup would be taste even better if the flavour enhanced. 

Spicy Ramen RM21.00
Spicy soup with minced chicken & pork + garlic & chives. It's mild spicy with generous minced meats.

Tenshin-Han Rice RM15.00
Signature item, steamed rice with fried egg.

Perfectly done eggs with white rice and lots of gravy. IMO, it will be better if more ingredients are added. I find this rather plain.

Fried Rice RM12.00
This may seem like your ordinary fried rice, but no! Fried short grain rice with eggs, char siu, garlic & spring onions are so full of "wok hei" In fact, I find almost every plate of dishes served are pipping hot for quite a while. Must be the hot flame from the kitchen. I don't usually eat fried rice, but this plate of fried rice got me went for another helping.
Pork rice RM17
Pork belly pan seared with onions and garlics.
All goodness in a plate, best choice if you're in a hurry. Short grain rice drenched in tasty gravy. If you love your rice, you'll most probably love this! 

Karaage RM10
Crispy fried boneless chicken marinated with special house blend sauce and spices.

So crispy yet so moist & juicy....

Otsumami Charsiu RM10.00
Shoulderloin of pork served with boiled bean sprouts & spring onions
Charsiu here are less fatty, so you could indulge without guilt. 

Wantan Soup RM15.00
Filling rather tiny.

Boiled eggs RM3.00/egg

Lemon Tea RM5
Black tea lemon juice with optional sugar syrup. Refreshing combination.

Hot Green Tea RM3
I love the green tea here as its light with mild sweet taste.

My verdictIronically, we enjoyed the rice more than ramen here. Short grain rice taste superb here, must try Pork Rice and Fried rice. Cold ramen and spicy ramen is good too! Another must order will be Karaage. 

Foods : 7/10
Price : 7/10
Ambiance : 7/10

Ramen Kanbe Restaurant 
G28, Block Empire Retail, 
Empire Damansara 
No.2, Jalan PJU 8 
47820, Petaling Jaya Selangor. 
Tel: (+6016) 202-5812 
Business hours: Daily 11:30a.m. - 10:00p.m. 


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