Friday, April 1, 2016

Selayang Big Bowl Curry Mee @ Restaurant Coca Seafood, Selayang

Curry mee.... curry mee.... Lately, my Facebook timeline is flooded with curry mee photo and stories. Why is it so viral? Hmm.. all thanks to the power of social media. So viral that I decided to wake up early, travelled all the way from Klang to Selayang just to dig into a bowl of guilty pleasure.

I managed to reach around 7am and we are require to jot down our order on a sheet of paper. I am lucky no 20! After placing my order and secure a table, it's waiting time.

Ordered a cup of coffee and was told it's going to take time. Ok... I am prepared to wait. By the way, my coffee is only served after half an hour later. Huhuhu....

After another 2 hours of waiting, finally I am served this bowl of gem. Seriously, ain't this bowl of curry mee looks inviting and mouth-watering. 

And it only cost RM9.00 for all the extra ingredients added. You will find roasted pork, curry chicken, fried wan tan, tau pok, bean curd puff, long bean, cockles and bean sprout. I think that's about it? LOL

The thick and rich curry was so divine, I finished my big bowl of curry in a jiffy.

The curry mee stall is located in Coca Seafood Restaurant. The stall run by a young man named Jason and he's been selling curry mee for about 11 years. Hmm... according to the lady boss his son is only 31 years old this year. So you do the math! :p

Big Bowl Curry Noodle
Cocoa Sea Food Restaurant
Jalan Bidara 1, Selayang.

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