Friday, April 1, 2016

Beat The Heat with EVERSOFT SKINZ Youth Recall Booster Mist (Review)

Hi, lovelies! Lately, the weather has been killing me. Been out and about most of the time, I can really feel the heat. Thank goodness, I have EVERSOFT SKINZ YOUTH RECALL BOOSTER MIST to help me keep the heat at bay.

Do you know the secret of the Japanese women luminous Asian skin, radiant, youthful and porcelain-like skin? Apparently, it is their Japanese skincare regime. EVERSOFT SKINZ is an advanced Japanese technology skincare innovation that adheres closely to the traditional 5-step Japanese skincare ritual that effectively combat anti-ageing and maintenance of fair skin.

Introducing a new addition to the EVERSOFT SKINZ YOUTH RECALL (Anti-Ageing) range, EVERSOFT SKINZ YOUTH RECALL BOOSTER MIST claims to help enhance the existing 5-step Japanese skincare ritual.

It is infused with low alkaline Japanese hot spring water specially sourced from Yubara, Okayama, Japan, Wakame Seaweed, Ume Extract and Hiaruron San. (Super Hyaluronic Acid)
The booster mist is lightly scented and alcohol free provides high boost of soothing hydration and empowers your skin to amplify the benefits of your skincare essence, ensuring skin is supple and ready for maximum absorption.

The specially designed pump provides an even distribution on the skin for instant refreshment, moisture, softness and protection, suitable with or without makeup. You could also use this to set your make up or even use after toner to increase absorption of skincare. It is my perfect pick me up on hot days and I love how it helps freshen my make up throughout the day. At times when I'm feeling lazy, I even use it as my brush cleaner. Just spray the mist and wipe off with tissue. Hehehe.......

Verdict : Been using this for the past two weeks, I like how my skin feels more firm, supple and hydrated. It does feel sticky right after spraying and takes a few minutes for the sticky feeling to be gone. It is super convenient too with the small and handy packaging. 
What I don't like? It is scented! 

The EVERSOFT SKINZ YOUTH RECALL BOOSTER MIST retails at RM39.90, available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and beauty stores. With EVERSOFT SKINZ, looking and feeling good at any age like the Japanese women requires minimal effort when done with the correct beauty regime.

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