Monday, April 18, 2016

#Rock上云霄 @ Sky Palace, One City

Last month, Sky Palace organized its first ever food & music event #Rock上云霄, a collaboration with The Sky, Platinum Production and the local Chinese rock band, #赤道乐队.

Yay.... ready to party the night away.

Even #Chef張細明  turned rocker on that evening. Awesome performance! We had our sumptuous dinner at the restaurant earlier before heading over to the rooftop.

6 Course Meal

Chilled Alaska Crab with Mixed Fruit & Salad
Simply adore the crisp outside and moist inside Alaska Crab tempura and the refreshing mixed fruit salad. 

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall
With an abundance of high quality ingredients such as abalone and scallop, the broth was intense in flavour.

Barbecue Flamenco Pork Ribs
Fork tender ribs paired with fresh fruits. The sourish garlicky sauce makes a great condiment too.

Steamed Star Grouper in Cantonese Style
Superb fresh fish fillet steamed to perfection was succulent and sweet.

Signature Fried Rice served in Stone Pot
The signature fried rice was fragrant but a tad bland though for my preference.

Chilled Coconut Pudding
Love the taste and texture of this refreshing pudding.

Thank you Sky Palace 食唯天 for such a wonderful evening. 

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