Sunday, June 12, 2016

Herbaline "Beauty and The Feast" Spa Party @ HerbaLine Facial Spa, Puchong

Hello! It was a blast with these wonderful ladies at the Herbaline "Beauty and The Feast" Spa Party held recently at HerbaLine Facial SpaPuchong. It has been rather stressful lately, rushing for crazy deadlines and commitments, hence, a spa party sound like a great idea. I've visited the Ampang branch before for the "Eat Well, Look Well, Live Well" retreat, and boy it was such a pleasant holistic staycation. Although, this particular branch does not offer accommodation, fret not, you will still experience the holistic spa experience. 

Before we began our treatment, let's dip our aching and tired feet into the Fish Spa to help remove the dead skin cells. 

But before dipping into the spa, don't forget to clean and soak our feet with sea salt to disinfect. 

Next, we are ushered into the magnificent Sea Salt Therapy. Upon entering the room, we are greeted with mountain of sea salt. The room was dimly lit, making it a perfect spot to relax while our feet were buried into the sea salt full of mineral goodness. 

Take a whiff of the essential oil to help calm and re-energize for the next treatment. 

Our rejuvenating spa then ended with a shoulder and hand massage. Gentle stroking and deep circular pressure definitely an instant pick-me up. 

Though it was a quick one, I felt much more relaxed and we then headed over to next door Mama Kim for our dinner.

Dinner was scrumptious, we had the fruit tea, salad, signature Sauna Mee and black glutinous for dessert. 

Mr. C.K. Low, Managing Director of HerbaLine Global Wellness Group, giving his welcome speech. Thanks for having us. Planning for a spa party or gathering? Look no further, this is the perfect venue for you and your girlfriends. XOXO

*Part of the pic credit to Jenny Ma


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