Saturday, July 18, 2015

exfolimate - The Ultimate Exfoliator Review

Woman's first world problem, dry and dull skin. Scrubbing might helps, but excessive scrubbing may cause our skin to be extremely dry and get irritated. The solution? exfolimate! This new and innovative skin care tool is the ultimate tool for a fresh and soft skin by instant exfoliation and pore clarification without the fuss of scrubs or loofahs.

It does not cause pain or discomfort.

Designed by Robert F. Durso from Australia, the secret of exfolimate's lies in its innovative micro-groove technology etched into the smooth metal edge. The micro-grooves gently lift and remove lingering skin cells and debris to unveil younger and fresher skin. With exfolimate you could exfoliate gently to improve skin tone and texture, while reducing pores, oily patches, dry areas and visible signs of ageing. It is the newest breakthrough in skin care technology, designed for daily exfoliation and naturally skin clearing results.

exfolimate set comes in a two-piece Face and Body combination with wrist bands.

Face - Smaller tool for easy exfoliates of the face and neck, reaching those small crevices around the nose (and even behind the ears!)

Body - The larger body tool exfoliates arms, legs, chest and back for spray-tan prep or removal.

Exfoliation – After washing face(In wet condition), use exfolimate to minimize pores, brighten skin and increasing the absorption of skin care products
Use before Make-up – After washing face(In wet condition), use exfolimate through the skin gently for smoother skin, so your makeup will set easily and lasting.
Make-up remove – After removing your makeup with makeup remover, use exfolimate to remove any remaining makeup or sunscreen residue.
Reduce Skin Irritation – exfolimate helps in loosening up the hair follicle to reduce irritation or follicle inflammation caused by hair removal.

Use exfolimate at a 90 degree angle with slight pressure.

All you need is a minute of exfoliate with exfolimate daily, for a quick rejuvenation or as part of your full beauty regime for transformation of your complexion. Besides deep cleansing, exfolimate offers you an enhanced exfoliation while improving the absorption of skin care products. Suitable for all types of skin, it is durable and easy to clean. It also improve blood circulation for healthier skin.

Ewww.... Look at the dead skin cells! To clean, run exfolimate under warm water and hang them to dry with the wrist bands.

My verdict :

Face - Using exfolimate for almost a month, I feel my skin is softer and smoother. My complexion brighten up too, with less blackhead problem. I guess, exfolimate  really does a great job in cleaning my pores.
Body- Frankly, it is tiring to use the small tool for the whole body. I wish they have a much bigger size, so it will not take forever to exfoliate my whole body. Hahaha.....  At times, I will experience redness and itchyness too but perhaps this is due to my sensitive skin problem.

exfolimate retails at an introductory price of RM70 for a limited time only. Hurry, make your purchase now from SWIT.

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