Thursday, July 2, 2015

Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence Review

Hey, lovelies! Introducing, latest beauty product in my regime lately 'Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence'. France & China has partners to come out with a premium beauty product called 'Marysharon'. So, what do you get whenEast Meets West”??? Definitely something spectacular and marvellous! Do you know "Marysharon" has been selling like hot cakes, with every minute 10 bottles are sold worldwide. Wow..... 

Anticipated to try out MarySharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence. Totally fall in love with its cool design. A pump bottle, sleek looking and black in coloured. Very stylish and pretty!

France responsible for the spearheading of R&D and it's product formulation while China markets and conducts A&P via its Asian HQ based in Guang Zhou, lead to the success of Marysharon. Being researched and developed by an accomplished R&D Chief who has contributed to many other international brands, Marysharon products have undergone 120,000 times of clinical tests and obtained a total of 8 patents.  Marysharon has clinched The “Most Potential Brand Award” in year 2014 and achieved 1,000 million RMB sales figure in the second half of 2014. 

With uncompromised quality, technology and top-notch results, Marysharon aims to fulfill every girls dreams of skin and beauty perfection with reasonable pricing. 

The products launched were:  
❖ Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask (selling 10 bottles per / min worldwide) 
❖ Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence (remarkable results with 5,000 Chinese women’s trial) 
❖ Marysharon Queen Charcoal Cleansing Mask (Star Product of 2015) 
❖ Marysharon Collagen Hydrating Mask (100% silk mask with certification).

Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence (Volume 20ml) -- RM149 per bottle
5,000 females* claimed that after using Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence, the skin around the eyes were revitalised, hydrated and smoothened.  Under eye puffiness, lines and wrinkle, appearance of under eye darkness diminish after 2 weeks’ of continuous use. 98% of the females were satisfied with the effect of Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence.

*Based on MARYSHARON’s regular users of 5,000 Chinese women in their 30s to 50s.   

Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask (Volume 110g) -- RM129 per bottle
MARYSHARON’s exclusive seaweed moisturising formula Golden seaweed essence combats dry skin effectively. With the power of nature’s legendary moisturiser, it provides extra aqua for extremely dehydrated skin.

Its unique water-locking net on the skin surface, enables the skin to regain its vitality.  Regulates oily skin, removes dead skin, improves dull skin and restores skin’s suppleness. 

Marysharon Queen Charcoal Cleansing Mask (Volume 25ml) -- RM139 per box of 10 pcs
A revolutionary deep cleansing charcoal mask. Restores skin to amazingly clear and flawless. Removes blackheads, whiteheads and accumulated dead skin cells. 

Marysharon Collagen Hydrating Mask (Volume 25ml)-- RM99 per box of 10 pcs
Contains powerful hydrating ingredients which deeply hydrates skin, lock in moisture, protect from moisture loss and improve dehydrated skin condition.  At the same time, it preserves its optimum moisture balance.   

Apparently, Marysharon has become my sleeping partner nowadays.
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With Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence, I know I will wake up next day with gorgeous and bright looking eyes.

My verdict : After a week plus of using Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence, I notice less puffiness and wrinkles. Only slight improvement on my dark eye circle, after all it's only been a week plus. 

Pic credit Marysharon.

Marysharon will officially launch in Malaysia on 2nd August 2015 1.00pm at Berjaya Times Square. Hong Kong superstar Julian Cheung Chi-lam also enlisted as special guest to represent the brand. You could join in the fun by purchasing any Marysharon’s products worth more than RM200.00, to be entitle a ticket for "Meet Chi Lam" session. Tickets are limited and it's based on first come first serve basis.
Hurry! Get your Marysharon now at all Shills Beauty House (exclusive brand partner), Watson & Sasa. 

Marysharon -A Queen’s Pampering For Every One" 


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