Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Journey of "JoJo's Diary of Asia" Premiering @ TLC, Discovery Channel Asia

This coming August, let's follow the journey of celebrity personality Jojo Struys as her infectious positivity is beautifully captured in a host-driven travelogue entitled  'JoJo's Diary of Asia' premiering on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia kicking off on August 3rd, every Monday at 8pm. The dynamic and down-to-earth Celebrity TV Host, Speaker and Wellness author, Jojo Struys will be hosting the fascinating journey across Asia showcasing breathtaking natural wonders, travel & de-stress escapes, and relaxation techniques to help viewers become more physically fit and mentally positive.

Catch moving diary of Jojo's travels from the rustic beauty of the Himalayas to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, covering a diverse array of unique cultural experiences in this 13 episode (30 minute) travel series.  

“It was such an incredible, soul-enriching journey for me, from bathing elephants in Nepal and flying past Mount Everest, to stepping into the shoes of an apprentice Geisha in Japan, to learning the art of patience in Tai Chi. I’ve learnt about the healing benefits of ancient power ingredients and how to make traditional dishes from scratch from a wide variety of chefs on my travels” says Jojo.

Here are some sneak peek of "JoJo's Diary of Asia".

Maiko- Jojo had her face painted white and stepped into ancient tradition when she  was transformed into an apprentice Geisha for the day, called a 'Maiko'.

Chitwan - Jojo travels to Chitwan in Nepal where she bathes an elephant in the river...a completely rejuvenating and profound experience.
Kyoto - Observing the power of silence while meditating with a Zen Buddhist monk in Myonshinji Temple.

Fuji Q - The 'Takabisha' is the world's steepest roller coaster at Fuji Q Highlands at the base of Mount Fuji. If you need to release stress through an adrenaline rush, this is the way to do it! Jojo screamed her lungs out and felt strangely empowered after this ride.

Samurai - Jojo gets a one-on-one session in the art of the Samurai sword with the master choreographer of all the fight scenes in Hollywood movie, "Kill Bill Vol 1"

Hakone - Jojo bathing in an 'onsen' real red wine in a natural hot spring in Hakone, Japan. Apparently, Cleopatra used to bath in this too and it's believed to be great for the skin.

Let's follow Jojo's journey as she gets thrown into activities she has never done before while immersing herself wholeheartedly in the local culture. Beside being the face of the series, Jojo was also part of the core team of cutting edge production house, Kyanite TV. She involved herself in conceptualizing the show from its seed idea to final execution. Jojo completely entrenched in research and pre-production as the lead scriptwriter of the series so you can authentically hear her point of view, insightful thoughts and candid honesty, every step of the way. 

This has surely been the trip of a lifetime for Struys, across all terrain as her reactions were spontaneously captured in real-time. It is also the first time Jojo has hosted a travel show on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia, realising her dream to bring passion for wellness and travel to an international audience.

So, if you are feeling stressed, and need a bit of inspiration or ideas on where to de-stress in Asia, make sure you tune in!

In order to change your life, change the way you think ~ Jojo Struys

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*All pic credit Jojo Struys

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  1. I like her show a lot! Jojo is so pretty, she speaks and moves really so Asian, very gentle and very sweet.