Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jewellery Making with Elegant Jewellery Studio

Jewellery is an important accessory for women to enhance their beauty. You could turn a boring look into something spectacular with the right jewellery. It will be much more meaningful when you could wear your own jewellery creation. Yes, it's possible! I had the chance to join one of the jewellery workshops organized by Elegant Jewellery Studio held at Kinokuniya Books last month, thanks to a dear friend's recommendation.

Some of the jewellery creations you could DIY from the workshop.

In the 3 hour workshop, we learned to bead a necklace with the materials provided.

Upon selecting our preferred colour and design, we began our jewellery making under the guidance of Angi, the founder of Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS). Ohh... I'm so excited to see my jewellery outcome.

The whole process is one word. Tedious! Just imagine beading for 3 hours straight.

And from this.....

To this..... Finally!!!

Awww.... So proud of myself. I did it!
I'm so in love with my necklace. All the hard work is really worth it. Isn't it beautiful?

Instead of buying, why not try making your own jewellery? Ahem... guys may want to try making jewellery for your loved one? Definitely a priceless gift. Besides the adult workshop, EJS also has jewellery workshop for children too.

Pic credit to Angi.
Thanks Angi for having me!

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