Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution

Hey, ladies! Have you heard of 'incidental sunburn'? 'Incidental sunburn' actually refers to the gradual darkening of the skin despite consistent application of sunscreen. Fujifilm has used its knowledge from UV research, conducted in its photographic film business to develop the 'D-UV Guard' a proprietary UV protecting agent that shields the "Deep UVA".

"ASTALIFT White" by FUJIFILM Corporation is a series of skin care products, designed for women  of all age groups with skin concerns such as age spots and skin dullness. A workshop was held recently at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid to introduce its multi-functional UV clear beauty essence and makeup base "ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution" (SPF50+ PA++++). The product is said to deliver advanced UV protection against the "Deep UVA" in the longest wavelength region of 370 - 400nm penetrate deep into the skin to cause age spots and sagging.

ASTALIFT White range usage demonstration.

Trying out ASTALIFT White range products.

In search of the correct foundation shade.

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution is an outstanding product with five features includes:
  1. Contain the proprietary UV protecting agent "D-UV Guard" to block UV rays including the "Deep UVA" to prevent incidental sunburn.
  2. Contain the "UV Action Capsule" - a capsule (with a generous amount of beauty ingredients including the Vitamin C derivative) that burst when exposed to UV rays to condition the skin for a beautiful glow even during the day. Also contains the ASTALIFT White series signature beauty ingredients "Nano AMA" and "Nano Astaxanthin" "3 types of collagen" as well as "citrus extract".
  3. Contain the "Light Analyzing Powder" which resists perspiration and sebum while lightening the skin tone, expanding the product's usage as makeup base. 
  4. Offering the smooth "Refresh Texture" effortlessly spreads over the skin without leaving white residues for a light, weightless finish and washes off easily.
  5. The product's cap uses the "UV Sensor Cap" which changes colour when exposed to UV rays containing the "Deep UVA", allow users to check the intensity of invisible UV rays.
Yours truly and Carol.

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution(30g) retails at RM158.00, available at all ASTALIFT boutiques.

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