Monday, August 22, 2016

Beautiful Lashes and Brows with Realash (Review)

Hi, pretty! Today's post will be a follow up to my recent post on Realash. It's been a month since I'm using the new improved, Realash Eyelash Enhancer and Realash Brow Conditioner, and as expected I'm pretty amazed with the results. Well, two years ago, I've reviewed the eyelash enhancer and the results were very positive.

Realash – Eyelash Enhancer ( 3 ml)
The serum helps to fortify, increase density and lengthen lashes in the shortest period. Its formula has been dermatologically and opthalmologically tested by specialists. REALASH add volume and length to lashes while strengthening them at the roots.

Usage directions :

Apply on the upper eyelid at the roots of clean lashes every evening.

BROW – Brow Conditioner ( 4 ml)

Its formula helps to stimulate the natural grow for thicker, stronger and fuller brows, without irritating the skin. It is also dermatologically tested. Thin and weak brows no more, with BROW!

Usage direction :

Apply to clean brows every evening. Only one stroke every evening for beautiful lashes. Though it's only 3ml, but it is enough to last for 4-5 month treatment.

Comparison of before & after.

After 1 month :

Lashes are noticeably fuller and slightly longer. It is much healthier-looking and less falling out too.

The above pic is taken right after curling with an eyelash curler and without mascara. For once, my eyelashes are noticeable even without mascara. Lol

As for the brows, I do trim it a little, as it gets thicker and bushy than before. There are a few new hair growth, particularly at the start of my brows. For best results, it should be used regularly for 8-12 weeks. 

Thanks to Realash, now I have on fleek long lashes and thicker brows. It is advisable to continue using Realash twice a week for maintenance.   

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