Thursday, August 25, 2016

Beauty Date with Taiwanese Beauty King NiuEr

Omg! I am so stoked to be able to meet Taiwanese Beauty King NiuEr, thanks to Naruko and Watsons Malaysia. NiuEr is the founder of Naruko, a nature-oriented product, which was awarded the best new brand in Taiwan and China, and also recognised as the best selling brand online.

The Naruko brand which lies on four pillars of affordability, refine, unique and kindness are only available at Watsons store in Malaysia. Did you know Naruko range contains 60 kinds of precious botanical extracts which aids in acne clearing and whitening, hydrate the skin and maintain skin elasticity?

Acne clearing & whitening - Peony root, Job's tears, polygoni cuspidate, saxifrage, kiwi fruit and mulberry helps whiten, hydrate and soothe skin.

Hydration - Wheat bran protein, rose, tremella and sakura helps retain water, maintain elasticity, prevent dryness and tighten skin.

Skin elasticity - Ginseng, scutellaria baicalensis, pueraria and Coptis chinensis Franch provide a protection shield for the skin, keeping it safe from external pollutants and the adverse effects of aging.

Product demonstration by NiuEr.

From left : Naruko's management, NiuEr, Watsons's Ms Caryn & Mr Danny

The Naruko brand and NiuEr are synonym, both are well known in Taiwan and China. Pure, natural and effective skin care for daily maintenance, working by "first moisturizing, then nurturing". Can you believe he is 49 years old? Can you guess what is his beauty secret? :p

Been watching him on the TV program "Ladies First" for so long, finally able to meet him in person. Thank you Watsons Malaysia for the opportunity.

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