Monday, August 29, 2016

Scalp Analysis & AGS Hair Treatment @ Miracle Hair Expert (Review)

These days, I received lots of compliments about my hairs. Be it the hair style or my unique hair colour. It is literally the first thing anyone would have notice of me. Not that I'm complaining! Lol Well, the foundation of beautiful hair starts from keeping your scalp healthy, as the saying goes, healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Thus, last week, I visited Miracle Hair Expert in IOI Mall, Puchong for my scalp analysis and treatment. Miracle Hair Expert has been operating in Malaysia for over 10 years with a professional hair team of hair care and hair treatment experts & specialists. It's specified formula used in the hair treatment is tested and developed in Japan with ingredients made from high quality herbal extracts. 

Scalp & Hair Analysis

It is crucial to have our hair & scalp analysis at least once yearly to determine it is in healthy condition. Our hectic lifestyle, stress, poor nutrition, weather and usage of unsuitable hair care products are causing us more hair problems. Did you know, you could find the root of your hair problem from your scalp condition? At Miracle Hair Expert, the hair analysis is performed using advanced technology for proper diagnosis of one's specific problems.

Ok.... sorry for the gross photo. From the screening, I have some clogged follicles issues, mild sensitive (the redness of scalp) and dry scalp (flaking and peeling). It also measures my hair density and thickness, which showed I have minor hair thinning problem too. Geez.... quite a number of problems. The consultant advised me to wash my hair daily as the scalp requires daily cleansing. Ok, not a problem. :D Well, to tackle my current scalp and hair condition, she recommended me to do Advanced Growth System (AGS) scalp and hair treatment, which aids in deep follicle cleansing, repairing, stimulate hair growth, hair loss prevention and strengthening of the hairThis treatment is also suitable for those with drastic hair loss problems, including male pattern hair loss problem, female pattern hair loss problem, alopecia areata as well as post-natal hair loss problem. 


Upon seated, I was served a cup of warm green tea.

My treatment began with hair wash using Herbal Repair Shampoo. Did you know, you only need to shampoo the hair at the scalp, and lather up from roots to ends. I love how she massages my scalp with medium pressure.

After a good 10 minutes of hair wash, it's time for a rinse. Next, my hairs were applied with Hydrating conditioner and let it set before rinsing out. 

Do you notice the glowing light on the ceiling? Amazing, isn't it? Literally, it feels like you are watching the stars in the sky while having your hair washed. Lol

Ok, back to the treatment. My hair was towel-dried and a special solution was massaged onto my scalp to clear the clogged follicles.

The straw colored solution has a mild herbal scent.
After the treatment, the solution turns cloudy. Wow.... it does work wonders.

Next, it's time for a steam therapy to rejuvenate and add moisture to my locks.

It takes about 20 minutes, but the waiting is not boring at all, as I have the friendly consultant sharing hair care tips and random chit chat with me. 

After the steam, my scalp was applied with the herbal essence which helps to nourish and promote a healthy scalp. The essence does have a strong herbal smell, but fret not, it doesn't leave any weird smell on my hairs. 

Finally, my favourite moment, my head was massaged to stimulate hair growth and increase blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Shoulder massage was included too. Aww... so relaxing. :D
P/S : Yes, I'm eating waffles! Been ages, I never had waffles and this is one yummy waffles. Thanks for the treat, pretty. :p

Last but not least, my hair was applied with the Hair Mist.

Instead of spraying on the hair, my hair was parted and the mist was applied directly to the hair to ensure even coverage.

After treating my hair and scalp with the AGS therapy, my hair felt so soft, light and bouncy. My scalp was deeply cleansed and healthier too. Honestly, I think everyone should head over to Miracle Hair Expert to have their scalp analysis and try out the AGS treatment too. After all, prevention is better than cure, right. 

For a limited time only, you could enjoy a special promo rate of only RM28 for AGS Treatment + 100ml shampoo! 
Hurry, call any of the Miracle Hair Expert Centre to make your appointment now and mention the promo code "BLG1".

Home care series.

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