Saturday, August 20, 2016

Eliminate Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting @ ME Aesthetic Clinic, Berjaya Times Square (Review)

Hi! If you still remembered, about two months ago, I was at ME Aesthetic Clinic, Berjaya Times Square for CoolSculpting consultation with Dr David. Well, after much thought and consideration, I finally decided to go ahead with the treatment. You might think why a fitness enthusiasm like me, would resort to Coolsculpting too. Well, exercise definitely helps with your overall body fat, but not spot reduction, for example love handles, inner thigh and outer thigh area. With that being said, it is especially hard when these areas are mostly made up of fat cells that often resistant to diet and exercise.

Before the treatment, I have my photo taken standing at all the angle of the octagon. Left, right, front, back, etc.

I tend to put on weight easily in my lower body, hence as previous consultation with Dr David, the area targeted would be the back of my thigh. Cool Smooth Pro target by cooling and crystallise fat cells, literally frozen it away. The crystallised fat cells will then slowly and safely expelled from the body over the next few months, for a more sculpted body. No surgery, no anesthesia, no downtime and the best part is the results are long-term as treated fat cells are gone for good.

1) A layer of cool gel pad is applied to the treated area to protect the skin and allows the body tissue to glide into the applicator.
2) Next, a layer of liner is applied on top of the gel pad.
3) Now here comes the Cool Smooth PRO that specially target unpinchable fat areas.
4) The machine is tightly wrapped and held together. 

Now, just relax and wait 75 minutes for the machine to work its magic. :p

No worries, time passes quickly as there's movies and music to keep me occupied. 

The whole procedure was pleasant and no discomfort, apart from the slight numbness in the earlier stage.

Once the treatment is completed, the aesthetic nurse massages the treated area to breakdown the crystallized fat cells. 

The treated area will look red and feels swollen. Fret not, the redness only lasted for about half an hour and I only feel very minor discomfort. The discomfort lasted me about 4-5 days, especially when there's movement, such as running or jumping. Yes, I continued with my exercise routine like usual!

This pic is taken right after my CoolSculpting treatment on 3rd August 2016. Results can be seen within 2 months time, hence I shall update you with my results then. Stay tuned!

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Hotline: 03-2143 3866

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