Monday, July 14, 2014

Bangoya Rooftop BBQ, Jaya One PJ

This is one cool restaurant to have a makan session with some drinking happening. Bangoya is a restaurant by Kissaten , so if you are into Kissaten foods, most probably you'll like Bangoya as well. To get here, you'll need to enter thru Kissaten in order to get to the rooftop of Bangoya. 
At the entrance of Bangoya

Reservations is highly recommended as they have very limited seating. One can't help but notice of the seating is made from recycle pallets wood. I love the cosy ambiance a lot and worth mentioning are their friendly staff. 
I looks a bit tipsy here after my Wild.

Ordered Zo Sirloin(RM25) pork belly(RM10) pork in misoyaki(RM10) and pork ribs(RM10) for BBQ in the charcoal clay stove provided. They served lamb cutlet cooked and ready to eat. 
BBQ meat ready for grill

Happy grilling... 

After hard work, time to dig in...

Lamb cutlet done just right, meat is tender soft 

After all those hot grilling, ones must really grab a cold bottle of beer to cool down the temperature. At Bangoya, you can try beer drinking with the bottle upside down. Wild(RM19) is (Sochu + Beer + Lime) really bring a refreshing taste to beer.

It's look so cool that my next table also start ordering it 😉

Me and my Wild...
Souvenir frm Bangoya. Thoughtful gift. In case it's too dark, you may needed it. 

Very happy with the warm hospitality and awesome foods and drinks. However, prices is a bit on the high side. Still got lots other on menu I've yet to try, will come back for sure! 

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