Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Restaurant Onn Kee, Ipoh

You gotta have your chicken and bean sprout fixed if u happen to be in Ipoh. This is a must visit and they have few restaurant serving this. Some famous worth mentioning are Lou Wong and Onn Kee. Visited Lou Wong before and just find it average only, so this round I wanna try out Onn Kee. 

Suppose to go for Cowan street chicken but it's closed! This owner of Cowan street chicken is one of the best in town, too bad the owner decided to call it off that day. So second choice, decided to try out Onn Kee. As usual ordered the poached chicken, bean sprout and their famous meat balls mixed with fish balls. Had it with dry style hor fun. The chicken is alright, nicely done. Bean sprout a bit over cooked, a bit soggy I would say. The dry hor fun is almost tasteless and kinda oily. 
Chicken is done just right, juicy and tender.
Overcooked bean sprout 
Mixture of fish ball and meat ball
Dry sar hor fun
Added 10 meat ball

Verdict, still Cowan is the best and why do you decide to close on the day I visited Ipoh. LOL... Total bill for 6 persons came up to RM90 for a whole chicken, plate of bean sprout with 9 bowl of hor fun.I think it's kinda expensive for such a meal but it's a must have if you're in Ipoh. Haha....

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