Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Restauran Bubur Goreng, Berkeley Klang

Mantis prawn craving, checked! Finally I got my hands on mantis prawn after few sold out visit to the Restaurant Bubur Goreng in Berkeley, Klang. 
Today I'm a happy girl as I got my craving fixed! Haha.... We had the beehoon fried with mantis prawn and steamed mantis prawn. 

Check out the live mantis prawn...

Fried beehoon with mantis prawn Rm36

Steamed mantis prawn Rm36
Excuse me for the messy plate but this is how you gonna get to the succulent and sweet flesh of mantis prawn. 
Happy girl with her well deserved mantis prawn flesh... 😘

On a side note, actually their bubur goreng(fried porridge) is also their signature dish hence the name of the restaurant. The porridge got generous helping of dried squid and I do find it taste too strong. It's still yummy and small serving is just nice. Too bad they sell it in standard size which is too much for 2 person.


  1. oh no, wrong hour of visiting this blog :P hungry now!


    1. me 2.......seems delicious mantis...


  2. memang very delicious oh.... especially since it's fresh... :)