Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ipoh Foods Adventure Day 2

Hotel provide breakfast on the house, so we have some light breakfast before venture out. There's a coffee machine where you can choose your preference of espresso, cappuccino or milk coffee etc.
So cool right... I gotta have a cuppa for sure
Some of the breakfast selections

I don't really check out the foods, so couldn't comment much on that. Saw my family member getting nasi lemak with curry chicken, cereal with milk, pastry and fried noodles. 

I only have a super big yolk half boiled egg with cappuccino. 

Looks so abnormal rite... Lol

After done with brekkie, headed over for the famous Hong Kee egg tart at Restaurant Weng Seng. This egg tart is said to have 48 layers. I find it a tad too sweet and yea it's really yummylicious the crust is so flaky and soft.
Egg tart is selling like hot cakes
Mini chicken pies... The filling is kinda sweet and salty with green peas. 
Swiss roll version of egg cake rolls with kaya. This is very delicious too.

Next up is the Funny Mountain tau foo far  and soy milk.
Drive thru service available here so it's a breeze to take away
Tau foo far is silky soft but very expensive Rm2 for only quarter filled 
Soy milk Rm5 for 1.5 litre is nothing special and very very sweet!

As expected any dim sum joint will be full  of crowd. My favourite Ming Court dim sum is not spared as well. So I take away the must have Siew Mai, har kau, Yu Mai and crystal kau.
Frm left top har kau, Siew Mai
Frm left bottom Crystal kau, Yu Mai
Bought the famous JJ Swiss rolls. They having the promotion of "Buy 10rolls Free 1 roll" and with purchase of 8 rolls you will get a recycle bag. 
Cakes and rolls listing
Big recycle bag

So sorry, no pic of the rolls as it's so yummy all end up in my stomach. However here are a pic of my haul of rolls.

All in 12 rolls... 😋

I love JJ rolls 😍

Went back hotel, to enjoy all the foodie before checking out. It's like a food marathon....

My aunt who reside in Ipoh, bring us to Restaurant Tuck Kee at Pasir Pinji for lunch. Speciality here are roasted cuisine.
Mixed roast is ok don't really fancy char Siew taste and the roasted pork"Siew yoke" is very very oily
Roasted duck is average with crispy skin
Broccoli vege 

This is what's left by 2pm. The crowd for takeaway can be quite long at times.

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