Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 3 - Pangkor Island

Miss out on the football match yesterday, had my much needed sleep. Woke up very early, manage to catch the penalty kicks match of Netherlands & Costa Rica. Haha... Not bad wake up just in time for exciting moment of the game. And Netherlands won the game. 
Went to the beach for a walk and picture session again. Breakfast served by hotel today is buffet style. 
Simple fried rice & noodles
My big breakfast
Me and the pink taxi

Visited another temple Lin Je Kong today.  There's few beautiful scenery here. I bought the fish scale collagen handmade soap here. A bar cost me RM10. Will do a review of the soap soon. The uncle that sell this boast his 56 this year and only use the soap for his face. He asked me"U c my face, still ok la for 56 years old rite" haha... I only smiled! 
Entrance to temple
The fish scale collagen handmade soap
Loving this candid pic of me admiring sea view
Knock knock.... Who's there?
Another fav pic
Loving this pic so much... Right time, right lightning, right smile, right pose LOL
All good things comes to an end....
Goodbye Pangkor... Had a wonderful holiday here.

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