Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekend getaway to Sekinchan & Pangkor Island - Day One

Pangkor Island is a good choice for a short beach getaway nearest to the Klang Valley. From Klang, the nearest route to get here is via Teluk Intan-Klang trunk roads which will pass by Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor, Sekinchan, Sg Besar etc. We started our journey in the morning around 9.30am and plan to have an early lunch at Sekinchan. Reached Sekinchan around 10.30am. We visited the paddy processing factory PLS for a visit to the museum and explanation of the paddy planting process. Here is very popular for their pearl rice. The entrance ticket is RM4 per person and they gave out a small pack of nicely packed rice as souvenir. The whole explanation took about 15min and it's kinda interesting to know more of the rice we eat everyday. Every grain of it is the farmer's hardwork so we should really cherish and don't waste our rice. 
Not the right time for paddy field visit
Packing rice in bulk
Something to ponder 😍

Next up suppose to be our early lunch but we overshoot the restaurant and end up reaching Pantai Redang. This is a hidden beach in Sekinchan, that is worth a visit in Sekinchan, particularly if you are tired of repeatedly shooting in the paddy fields. There's a Chinese temple in Pantai Redang with a worship tree nearby. You can write your wishes on a red ribbon and throw up to the tree, so that your wishes may come true. It is kinda tricky to throw it hanging up there, I only manage to succeed after my 2nd attempt. :p 
Very red wishing tree 
I ❤️ Sekinchan

Finally we found the restaurant for our lunch. No more early, as it's 1.30pm. We settled for Restaurant Cha Po Tien as this place is recommended by my friend from Sekinchan. I ordered the shark fish soup, spicy and sour catfish, fried whole mantis prawn and octopus stir fried with chili. Total bill for 2 person with 1 rice and chinese teapot is only RM58.00 All the foods here are very tasty and the soup is sourish sweet with soft and sweet flesh of shark fish, catfish is very appetizing but it can be a little too spicy for those that can't take spicy. Octopus is cooked just nice with it's springy texture. Only disappointment are the mantis prawn which is not very fresh. 

The hidden restaurant 
Most dishes here are sourish spicy 

So, we continue our journey after got the tummy satisfied. It's another 2 hours drive till we reach Lumut. Ferry ticket is RM10 for both way. I bought my ticket from Pan Silver Ferry. After almost half hour ferry ride we finally reach Pangkor Island. 

Rented a car for RM120 3days as it's more convenient to move around the island. There are motorbike available at RM30per day too.
A lot of pink taxi awaiting for customer 

Upon check in hotel, we walk to Bogak beach for picture session.
Very cosy hotel
Beautiful sunset pic taken by my 5S 😍
Still 5s pic
Love this pic so muchie 

Visited Dutch Fort as well.

Had dinner at nearby Daddy's cafe and we call it a day. Can read of the cafe review here. http://elanakhong.blogspot.com/2014/07/dinner-at-daddy-cafe-teluk-nipah-pangkor.html

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