Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kyochon Korean Fried Chicken

So everything about the Korean seem to be the in things nowadays. Coffee, cake, pastry and now even their fried chicken! All thanks to Cheon Song Yi(character from  drama My love from another star) fried chicken with beer craving! Haha....
Got the leng chai standee to welcome u!

One fine day, running out of idea what to eat for dinner, I spotted this Restaurant Kyochon. Ok so the name sound interesting enough and there seem to be quite a few table of patron. 
Very warm tone and earthy feel...

So this place is famous for their South Korean fried chicken which establish since 1991 in Korea and over the years had franchise all around the world. 
This outlet in One U is open end of last year.
This is the flavor of the chicken
Ala carte menu
Ice lemon tea with appetizer
This is the mixed of red and soy sauce series
Fresh salad
We had the dinner set for 2 person at RM59.90 

Overall my verdict, it's nothing to be shout about except that the chicken remain crispy even when it's cold. Soy sauce has it's fragrant taste while the red is spicy hot enough! However, it's not really value for money due to the small serving but it's a good experience to try something new.

Doubt I'll have a second visit here....

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