Sunday, July 20, 2014

Philosophy Skincare Workshop

Recently attended a workshop organized by Bag of Love for the skincare from USA namely Philosophy. This brand is still very new in Malaysia market and only available at Sephora. The event held at Luxasia Hall, Northpoint of Midvalley Megamall. Philosophy is founded in the USA 1996 by Cristina Carlino. The first company Cristina founded was biomedic, a medically-based skin care line distributed to the world's leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists. from biomedic, cristina expanded her inspirational vision to create philosophy. her goal was to bridge the gap between what was offered in doctors' offices and retail, so women everywhere could personally access leading skin care technologies. Something unique of this brand are "each of our products has a story" each story speaks to the heart of the brand with science-based skin care and inspiration for clinically-proven results. Those stories were actually lyrics of song as Cristina initial dream is to be a songwriter. How inspiring is that... 
So back to the workshop we are guided by Mr Adrian on the way to use their product correctly. 
We are a bunch of lucky gals to be able to tried out almost the whole regime of skincare from cleanser to microdelivery peel, eye cream, serum and moisturiser. The cleanser does wonder as it's make up remover, cleanser and toner as well. The cleanser is free of SLS and definitely smells so good. 
Microdelivery peel is a 2 step regime. How to apply step 1 - vitamin c/peptide resurfacing crystals - apply a teaspoon amount to clean, dry skin. once applied, crystals should appear almost like a mask. gently massage in a circular motion over entire face for up to 60 seconds, avoiding eye area. do not scrub. (use less pressure for sensitive skin.) step 2 - lactic/salicylic acid activating gel place a generous teaspoon amount in the palm of your hand. massage gel onto fingertips, and apply on top of crystals. as activator is applied, a warming sensation will occur. white foam will appear, indicating activation. leave foam on 2-3 minutes to infuse vitamin c and peptides into the skin. (you can massage foam for extra exfoliating benefits or let it sit for sensitive skin.) rinse thoroughly. (you can use a washcloth for removal, to avoid getting the peel in your hair). 

 I can see my face is instantly brighter and feel so silky soft after the peel. Definitely, in love with this product. Eye cream is very light and does not feel oily. Moisturiser is so special that it will transform to watery texture which make it very easy penetrate into skin.
Ending this with a selfie with dear Sherry. Thanks for informing me such great workshop!
Doorgift for the day..... Sampling sizes

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