Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lung Seng Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Tualang Perak

Went to Ipoh for a foodie trip, you ought to stop by Tanjung Tualang for some big head prawn fiesta. We had our early lunch here after an almost 3 hours car ride from Klang. I choose to try out Lung Seng as there's tonnes of good reviews on the net. Reached there sharp 12pm and we do without hesitation placed order for steamed prawn, soy sauce prawn and butter prawn. 
Steamed prawn
Soy sauce prawn
Butter prawn
The steamed fish
Paku vegetable

They recommended a type of steamed fish for us, I forgotten the name which turn out quite nice very bouncy and thick flesh. Think it's a type of live fresh river fish. For vegetable, we go for paku pakis which is a type of kampung vegetable. Among the 3 variety of prawn, we enjoyed soy sauce and butter more. Fresh prawn really taste different with its sweetness and solid texture. The only disappointment are those prawn not big enough. Total bill is RM209 for the 6 of us with rice and chinese tea. I still prefer my first visit to Yew Kei Restaurant where they serve bigger prawn and excellent flavourful cooking style.
This is the live fish 

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