Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hai Ung Bagan Sg Yu Seafood Restaurant, Pasir Penambang

Had an early dinner at Kuala Selangor while on the way back home from Pangkor. Kuala Selangor is famous for its fresh seafood and reasonable pricing. I got no specific restaurant to go and we end up going to this Hai Ung Bagan Sg Yu Seafood Restaurant. It's been ages since my last visit. 

First dish up is kum heong bamboo clam(RM16) which is really fresh and juicy cooked just right. 
Next is their recommendation steamed shark fish with chili(RM20) which comes in a rather big portion. I don't really like the fish due to the texture a bit rough. Oyster fried with egg(RM18)is really not worth it, only has few tiny oyster. Definitely out of my order list next round. Lastly fried chili crab(RM55) Finally mud crab! Pangkor only serve flower crab, thus I gotta order crab here. Very fresh crab though the cooking style is not spicy enough or flavorful, I still enjoy the thick and juicy meat. Wow... I'm surprised that the seafood here is much fresher than Pangkor. At such reasonable price too, except the oyster egg.
Here are pic for you to drool... Lol
Get to view sunset frm the restaurant too. 
Pic taken by my Iphone 5S 😅

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