Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sitiawan - Bei King Restaurant

On the way back from Lumut, decided to have our lunch at this Bei King Restaurant now known as Bei King Hotel restaurant. See how they progress from a restaurant to a hotel now. 😱This is one popular restaurant in Sitiawan which make it on my must visit list. As usual, ordered the highly recommended like red wine mee suah, sour and spicy fish maw soup and oyster egg. Foods is served within few minutes. Highly efficient. Sadly I don't quite enjoy the red wine mee suah, find it a bit tad sweet to my liking and they served chicken breast here which cut into small pieces. I am no fan of the breast! haha....I've tried better red wine mee suah elsewhere! Fish maw soup is still just so so, nothing to shout about. But I really enjoy the oyster egg. Crispy on the outside yet soft and juicy inside. Just that it's a bit too oily and too little oyster. 
Red wine mee suah, oyster egg and fish maw soup

Total paid about RM70+ with chinese teapot. A little pricey considering the food portion. And it's not really tasty and in fact I've found a hair in the fish maw soup. Complained to the captain and she just ask me whether wanted a replacement or not. No apologies at all. 😡

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