Sunday, December 13, 2015

Brunch & Munch @ G Village

One of the latest cafes in town, Brunch & Munch located at the newly opened G Village retail is the very few cafes that offer porky delights near Desa Pandan.

Stylish and modern set up furnished with bright red and white furniture. 

There's also a bar serving wonderful cocktails by award winning mixologist from the View Rooftop Bar at GTower. Well, Brunch & Munch is actually under the same group as G Tower.

BKT Eggs & Belly RM18
Traditionally cooked tea egg & pork bacon in tea broth served with steamed rice. Slight lack in taste and rather oily to my preference.

Pork Corn Belly RM18
Sinfully good roasted pork belly served with hash brown or white rice. Pretty addictive.

Scottish Eggs RM18
Soft-boiled eggs covered in spiced pork and topped with sweet hot sauce & pickled cucumber.

Egg-cellent Salad RM18
This is a pretty interesting combination of salad with egg white, quail egg, carrot, bacon, onion rings, radicchio & rocket drizzled with a tangy honey-citrus dressing and lemon. Truly protein packed!

Fishing in Bed RM30
Nicely done salmon & truffle scramble eggs on thyme-butter baguette, chives, wilted spinach, edamame puree and honey glazed seared lemon.

Asian Ribs RM30
Slow-cooked marinated ribs served with potato wedges, sauteed cabbage and bacon. Ribs are slightly overdone and taste wise a tad sweet to my preference.

The 'Pig'-za RM18
Thin crust pizza with toppings such as ham, chorizo, shredded pork, bak kua, lap cheong, tomato concasse, mozzarella & parmesan cheese, red onion, english mustard mayo. Generous toppings indeed, but the crust is not as crispy as I expected though.

Brunch & Munch Carbonara RM 26
Fettuccine served with pork belly, bacon, aged cheese, mushroom and topped with sous-vide egg. Be sure to give the egg, a good mix prior sinking your teeth into the creamy pasta. 

Cheese "Boar"-Ger RM 35
Chunky piece of signature home made BBQ pork patty topped with a sunny side, chinese sausage (lap-cheong), bacon, aged cheddar, pineapple relish, tomato slice, gherkin, lettuce and coleslaw served with charcoal bun. Love the presentation.

Love the thick and chunky patty, if only it's a little more moist and juicy, then it would be perfect.

Beat It RM12
Homemade smoothies of pineapple, peach and carrot. 

Last but not least, mandatory pic with the iconic giant egg.

Perhaps because its still new, overall, I find B & M foods still require a little fine tune. Pork dishes are overly fat. With the rising of healthier eating lifestyle, I hope B&M will add in more leaner cuts dishes option in future. A revisit? Not so soon, I guess.

Brunch and Munch
Lot G-05, G Village,
G Residence Condo, Jalan Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours: Tue-Sun: 10.30 am-10:00 pm (Mon close)

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