Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nikkori Pear & Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Potatoes Now Available @ Aeon BIG Store

Good news! Purely Japanese-grown Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Potatoes is now available at AEON BIG Store. With the growing popularity of clean eating, Zen-Noh, in collaboration with Eurofarm, Malaysia's leading fruits and vegetables importer and exporter were excited to expose the Malaysian market to the high-quality, carefully tended and innovative agricultural produce that Japan has to offer. 

Nikkori Pear, a new late maturing, russet-skin type cultivar of Japanese pear produced from the Tochigi prefecture is a new type of pear developed from cross seedlings between full-figured Niitaka and flavourful Hosui in 1984. Do you know Nikkori Pear can only be harvested in mid October and stored for a long period of time until February, thus the specialty and superiority of this unique fruit. Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Potatoes grown in Japan taste sweeter and fresher. 

Ibaraki is the second biggest producer of sweet potatoes in Japan in term of both production area and amount. The most widely grown variety of sweet potatoes in this prefecture is 'Beniazuma and Beniharuka' known for its characteristically soft and flaky texture. 

Get your Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Potatoes now at your nearest AEON BIG Store.

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