Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Petsmore Announced Winners of 'Yes! I’m Beautiful' contest @ Petsmore SS2, PJ

Woo hoo...... A few weeks ago, Petsmore celebrated Christmas with the winners of  'Yes! I'm Beautiful' contest by Petsmore at Petsmore's PJ SS2 outlet. Congratulation to all the winners.

Grand Prize winner of ‘Yes! I’m Beautiful’ & ‘Spot The Winner’

Boo Chun Ming (A Pekingese named BiBi) won prizes worth RM 3,071.00 each, including the 2 Round Trip Air Tickets to Boracay. 

2nd Prize Winner 

Boo Chun Ming (A Pekingese named BuBu) won prizes worth RM 1,231.00 

3rd Prize Candy Wong (A Shih Tzu Mix named BIbi) won prizes worth RM919.00. 

17 Consolation winner also walked away with prizes worth RM 473.00.

Wendy won a ‘Complimentary of 3 Days Boarding’ in the Instagram contest of the day, perfect gift for the Christmas holidays. 

With the festive seasons around the corner, check in your pets in Petsmore's Pet Hotel 5-star boarding services. Prices for accommodation from RM42 per day for a maximum of one (1) pet at the Superior Suite and RM73 per day for a maximum of two (2) pets at the Royal Suite. 
For more information, please visit Petsmore official webpage at

Facebook page at 
Instagram Petsmore.


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