Wednesday, December 9, 2015

U.S Potato Fest Culinary Best @ KDU University College

Yay... we nailed it! Team Dynamite is the champion. Thank you to my awesome partner, Sidney Kan. So I was invited to join a Christmas themed Blogger's Culinary Challenge organized by U.S Potato recently. The task? To create a potato dish for the upcoming Christmas celebration.

Do you know, potatoes are a good source of potassium, rich in Vitamin C and fibre. One medium (148g) potato with skin contains 2 grams or 8 percent of the recommended daily intake of fibre. Health enthusiast need not worry as one serving of U.S potato(148g) is only 110 calories with no fat, sodium or cholesterol.

We are lucky to catch Chef Kenneth Kam demonstrating his potato dishes before our Blogger's Culinary Challenge begin. Wow... look at his beautiful creation.

Creamy Gratin US Potatoes.

Purée of US Potato Soup.

Next, it's time for us to shine. Hehehe.....
Our team are well prepared with our ingredients and appliances.

Don't I look cute in a chef's hat? Hahaha......

Stop taking picture, let the chopping, cutting and cooking began. Ohh boy..... we are only given an hour to prepare our dish.

Sneak peek into our creation. 

The colours of Christmas consist of red from beetroot, green from spinach and gold from pumpkin. 
Gnocchi - Mix the puree with mashed potatoes, plain flour, eggs, sea salt and black pepper.

Final 5 minutes count down! So stressed. Phew.... luckily, amidst some shortage of ingredients trouble we faced, I'm super glad that we manage to overcome it, thanks to my partner brilliant idea.

Voila..... finally, our Winter Warmer Asian Soup is done. Tell me, isn't that one pretty looking bowl of heartwarming soup? 

Some of  the other contestants amazing creation. 

Group pic with the rest of the contestants. Good job guys, everyone's a winner. 😀

This is my first ever experience, taking part in a cooking challenge/competition and holding a mock cheque. Can I frame it, please? Hehehe.....

Thank you Sabrina for the opportunity.😃

Last but not least, thank you US Potato for the amazing experience and thank you Sidney Kan for being such an awesome partner.

Keep Calm and Eat Potato,
Naturally Nutritious, Always Delicious!

P/S : Winter Warmer Asian Soup recipe will be email to readers upon request. So feel free to ask! :D

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