Monday, May 23, 2016

A Journey of Heritage @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

Illuminate the spirit of Ramadan, tantalising your taste buds with the heritage reminiscent dishes as InterContinental Kuala Lumpur hotel's all-day dining restaurant Serene Brasserie presents "A Journey of Heritage : With the Celebrated "Kampong Boys". Experience authentic heritage flavours signifying the personalised journey of the celebrated "kampong boys" with their favourite kampong dish.

Quench thirst with the refreshing chilled sirap bandung.


Assorted kuih-muih.

Laksa Johor by Executive sous chef, Abdul Razak
Describing the homemade delight as rich and flavourful as opposed to the sour savour of customary laksa variations, Chef Razak owes the signature recipe of Laksa Johor to his ancestral roots. A pleasant slurp passed down within the generations, the executive sous chef practices great care in maintaining the authentic flavours of his homeland, noting that the precise aromas to the dish is one that is hard to obtain, within the province of Kuala Lumpur.

 Laksa Johor.

Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi by Malay chef, Yusman Yahaya
Relating the cuisine with his love for spices, Chef Yusman correlates the udang masak lemak cili padi to cheery memories of his mum's cooking, whereby the dish is of a homecoming cuisine, particularly enjoyed by his dad during dinner, after a day of hard work. Seeing the dish as a cuisine where love is made visible, the great relish signifies the Malay Chef's own personal narrative.

Udang Masak Lemak.

Nasi Minyak Rendang Tok by Chef de cuisine, Suhalmi Tasir
Being a true kampong boy, Chef Suhalmi describes his favourite kampong dish, the nasi minyak rendang tok, to be slightly sweet and full of spice. A scrumptious 'get-together' dish, Chef Suhalmi relates the dish to uplifting sentiments, whereby family members and neighbours come together to whip up the cuisine in an enormous pot over a strong blazing flame, a harmonious ambience which inspires the chef de cuisine to this present day.

Rendang Tok.

Asam Pedas Daging Tetel by Banquet Chef Yusof Salamat
Citing that his robust palate for such flavours is largely due to his family preferences since young, the banquet chef notes that the asam pedas daging tetel is a spin-off to the customary asam pedas cuisine, bursting with the fragrance of chilli, shallot, lemongrass, tamarind juice and ginger flower, is a great twist with its addition of the beef, comprising a thick gravy savour not to be missed.

Apam Balik by Executive pastry chef, Chan Eng Hua
Inspired by an aunt within the baking trade, Chef Chan carries nostalgic memories of lively kuih (cake) baking days, whereby the family will continuously help out, from assembling the ingredients, to beating batters, with whiffs of fresh bakes lingering in the air. Having exercised a delicate palate, the executive pastry chef recalls a particular dessert from Peranakan home, a signature recipe to the apam balik. Though lost amongst time, enjoy an adaption to this tender bake, similarly delighting palates with its moist, fluffy texture.

Apam Balik.

Rendang Campor.

Kacang Buncis.

Har Lok Prawn.

Pajeri Nenas.

Stir Fried Chinese Kung Po Style.

Gulai Telur Itik.

Ketupat Sotong.

Bubur Lambuk.

Sup Ekor.

A variety of ketupat.

'Dusun' stall featuring tropical fruit attraction, fresh durian included too! :p

Further harmonising the exquisite experience of traditional home cooked savour, three menus are available on rotation, with extensive buffet speciality featuring salad stations of kerabu selections, assortments of ulam kampong and jeruk, classic favourites of the bubor lambok ayam and gulai kawah tulang rusuk, main course medleys such as gulai ikan tongkol, rendang pedas ayam, ketam berlado, tempoyak ikan, alongside signature favourites in the likes of rojak pasembur, dessert delights of kuih seri muka pandan, putu piring and tepung pelita.

From 6 June to 12 June and 1 to 5 July - RM148 nett per adult and RM78 nett per child (6 to 12 years old)

From 13 June to 30 July - RM178 nett per adult and RM98 nett per child 
For reservation, please call Serene Brasserie at 03-2782 6228 or e-mail

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