Monday, May 2, 2016

Home Like Goodness Meal @ Restaurant 126 Bittergourd Noodle, BukitMayang Emas PJ

Do you love bitter gourd?  It may be bitter in taste, but do you know bitter gourd has many beneficial health properties such as lowering cholesterol, increase of immunity and especially good for our current blazing hot weather. A few weeks ago, my girlfriends suggested Restaurant 126 Bittergourd Noodle at Bukit Mayang Emas, PJ for our brunch date.

I had a glass of Premium Iced Coffee RM2.70 to wake me up on a lazy Sunday. Why premium? Well, the restaurant bought whole coffee beans and then grind them up minutes before brewing, thus the coffee was pretty aromatic and bold. 

Restaurant 126 Bittergourd Noodle crowd puller has to be it's bittergourd noodle available in 2 versions, soup and dry.  And you could pick your choice of noodles from yellow mee, mee hoon, hor fun, lou shu fun, wan tan mee, mee suah, Hakka mee or yee mee.

Bittergourd Special Meat Paste RM7.80
Mee suah noodle in a hearty soup is the best comfort food. Ohh... the thinly sliced bittergourd is not bitter at all. Love the tender and juicy meat paste.

Pepper Pork RM7.50

Herbal Pork Noodle RM7.30
Must try! Simply adores the springy wan tan mee in nutritious and tasty herbal soup topped with pork ball, pork liver and minced pork.

Pork Meat Ball Hakka Mee RM7.50
Al dente Hakka mee topped with flavourful minced pork and springy meat ball.

Zha Jiang Hakka Mee RM7.00
Hakka flat noodle with spicy and savoury Zha Jiang sauce truly brings a depth of flavour to the noodle.

Pork, Century & Salted Egg Porridge RM8.00
The porridge was brilliant and generously laden with EGGS! Century egg and salted egg, egg lover will surely enjoy this.

Pork Chop & Minced Pork Mushroom Rice RM9.90
If you don't fancy noodles, rice dishes are available too. Large piece of juicy pork chop, the rice is generously laden with flavourful minced pork mushroom and perfectly cooked sunny side up egg.

Fried Wantan RM9.00 (10 pcs)

Fried Dumpling RM9.00 (10 pcs)

Well-flavoured fried dumpling filled with minced prawn and black fungus goodness.

Curry Pork Ribs Rice RM9.00
Another must try rice dishes is the aromatic pork ribs curry made from scratch. However, I wish the ribs are meatier, though.

Braised Pork, Tofu & Egg served with Rice RM11.90 (Today's Special)
Do you want to try something different? Today's special offer flavourful braised spiced aromatic pork, tofu and egg.

All in all, you could expect affordable, no frills home like goodness meal at Restaurant 126 Bittergourd Noodle.

If you are there, don't forget to check in to enjoy special price of RM1.50 for Honey Lemon Ice Jelly.

Restaurant 126 Bittergourd Noodle
No 12, Jalan BM 1/2, 
Taman Bukit Mayang Emas, 
47301, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel :  012-233 5117

Business hours :
Mon - Fri : 9.30am - 3pm / 5.30pm - 8.30pm
Sat & Sun : 7.30am - 4pm

Facebook :

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