Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's "Amazing Thailand" @ Zest Lifestyle Restaurant, Marriott Putrajaya

Sawadeekap! Thailand is well known for the land of smiles and tranquil temples, it is also where spicy soups, green curries and mango salads took a twist of fate and rose to popularity. From 16th - 29th May 2016Zest Lifestyle Restaurant, Marriott Putrajaya will be serving authentic Thai cuisines featuring guest chef from Palm Garden Hotel Chef Seeri alongside house chef Chef Teena. For two weeks, diners could indulge in "Amazing Thailand" authentic Thai cuisines while shopping at the mini bazaar displaying Thai handicrafts making your little Thai adventure a perfection. The cultural exhibition of collectibles will feature glass jewelry (by Thai Vetro Co. Ltd), home textile (PSY Holdings Sdn Bhd), zikul scarf (S2K Innovate Co. Ltd), ceramic handicraft (Middleceramic), silver jewelry (Stories of Silver & Silk), lifestyle products (Seth Intertrade), fabric bag (Bangkok CTV Intertrade Co. Ltd), bronze & brass sculptures for interior, exterior decorations and premium gifts (V.S.Crafts Co. Ltd) and egg handicraft (Atchara Design).

 Miang Kham

Enjoy the sweet, sour, salty, and bitter flavours of Thailand with Thai favourites such as yam pla crob (crispy ikan bilis with mango salad), grilled beef salad (yam neua yang), glass noodle salad (yam woon sen), pandan chicken (gai hor bai toey), steamed stuffed sago with minced chicken (sa khoo saikai), miang kham (traditional wrapped betel leaf with seven condiments), tom yam chicken(tom yam kai), tom yam seafood clear soup (poh tak), gaeng yead woon sen kai sap (minced chicken and beancurd soup), red curry roast duck with mix tropical fruits (gaeng phed pet yang), Thai jackfruit seed dessert (med kanoon), water chestnut and sago in coconut cream and shaved ice (tub tim krob kap sago), authentic sticky rice with mango (khao neow ma muang) and the list goes on.

A variety of salad.

Stuffed crab & Thai otak-otak.

Thai fish cake.

 Thai steamed red snapper.

 Pandan chicken.

 Pad Thai.

 Sweet & sour crab.

 Cheese fish fillet.

 Sauteed pumpkin & mushroom.

 An assortment of Thai desserts.

The "Amazing Thailand" Buffet Lunch is priced  at RM100nett per adult and RM60nett per child while Buffet Dinner is priced at RM110nett per adult and RM67nett per child. For more information and to make reservations, kindly contact 03-8949 8888 ext 1888.

Zest Lifestyle Restaurant
Marriott Putrajaya
IOI Resort City
62502 Sepang Utara.

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