Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Authentic Nyonya Cuisines @ Seri Nyonya Restaurant, Equatorial Melaka(Halal)

Hello! During my recent trip to Melaka, I was brought to Seri Nyonya, an authentic Peranakan restaurant located on Level 3 of Hotel Equatorial, Melaka. The restaurant is well known for its authentic home cooked meals such as 'Ayam Pongteh', 'Hee Peow Soup' and 'Nyonya Chap Chye', a dining experience one shouldn't miss out. Here are some of the dishes we ordered, shared among the 6 of us.

Otak-Otak Nyonya RM7.00
Aromatic and rich in flavour, the spicy mackerel fish paste was heavenly laden with secret spices and grilled in banana leaf. Wow.... I think I've just found my favourite otak-otak!

Top Hat "Pai Tee" RM16.00
Crispy deep-fried puff stuffed with vegetables, pretty addictive.

Sup "Hee Peow" RM19.00(Small)
Dried fish bladder boiled with mixed vegetable and garnished with egg roll.

Telur Dadar Cincalok RM12.00
Egg omelette with fermented shrimp sauce was nice, but a tad oily for my liking. 

Terung Seri Nyonya RM12.00
Deep-fried brinjals stir-fried with chili paste, dried shrimps and salted fish. Couldn't comment much as I'm not a fan of deep-fried brinjal. :p

Ayam Pongteh RM19.00
The chicken was well braised in the sweet bean paste with Chinese mushroom and potato. Slightly sweet but it was exceptionally tasty and flavourful, one of the best I've tasted. Highly recommended!

Udang Lemak Nenas RM30.00 (Small)
Fresh prawns cooked in spicy coconut gravy with juicy sliced pineapple, rich and tangy, best pair with white rice.

Ayam Goreng Nyonya RM19.00 (Small)
Crispy on the outside yet soft and juicy inside, the chicken were aromatic and tender. Finger licking good!

Cendol RM7.00

Thick and creamy, the cendol uses authentic palm sugar, which has slight bitter after taste and it was not too sweet at all.

Elegant decor with beautiful wooden carving and colourful settings.

Chef Rubayah Md Zin 

All in all, amazing authentic halal Peranakan cuisines, affordable with great ambiance. Must try includes otak-otak, ayam pongteh, pai tee, ayam goreng Nyonya and cendol. I will definitely dine here when I'm in Melaka again. Time to start planning? :p

Seri Nyonya Restaurant
Hotel Equatorial Melaka
Bandar Hilir
75000 Melaka, Malaysia.

Business hours : 
12 pm to 2.30 pm
6 pm to 10.30 pm

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